Cover Your Windows While Refurbishing
Cover Your Windows While Refurbishing
Cover your windows while refurbishing
Countdown To Opening A New Business
Countdown to opening a new business
Get The Right Look For Your New Business
Get the right look for your new business

Starting a new business? We can help.

Paul Murphy (Commercial Property Consultant) can help with lease negotiations and all property related issues – so any new business is built on solid foundations. The lease should be fair and flexible and not onerous. An understanding of this significant overhead is critical from the outset.

Jo Atkinson (Design Consultant) can help with design merchandising and branding – so you get the right look for your shop from Day 1.

Need a health-check for your current business? Ask us for help. You may need to consider improving your existing shop in terms of re-branding, shop front transformation, merchandising and shop window display- and Shopjacket can look at all of these issues for you

Similarly if you have any commercial property issues such as rent negotiations, disputes or indeed any property queries we can assist here too – to keep you on the right track.

Need to cover your shop windows during a fit out or re-furbishment? We can help keep the excitement under wraps, display information about your business as well as providing a countdown to open day!

Contact us for more information and an informal chat of the services we can offer