Shop Jacket
Shop Jacket
Use an empty shop. Dumbarton before…
Shop Jackets
To highlight attention on business support initiatives
Inspire new business. Let as a real shoe shop within 4 weeks
Show potential. Market the property and improve the shopping environment
Existing high street businesses in need of help? Before…
After..Shop Front Transformations – real changes to the shops on your high street
3D Hoardings…Screen problem sites with a bespoke 3D hoarding. Reusable around your town
Nothing is too large, from this…
…to this. Ask us what we can do!

We have a range of products which are specifically aimed to bring positive changes to your high street. Our aim is to make a real and noticeable difference on the ground within a relatively short period of time.

Help empty shops. 

Remember first impressions count! Our Shopjacket treatments for empty shops enhance your town centre and encourage real businesses on to the high street. By using 3D images of inspirational shop types we can help “would be” tenants visualise the potential of any unit and help let empty shops more quickly.

We also use empty shop windows to advertise or promote forthcoming events within the town with our new promotional jackets. We are however always careful to ensure that any treated space still retains the appearance of a shop. Advertising panels and other treatments can make the units more difficult to let and detract from the retail streetscape.

We also look at the whole of the shop front by removing redundant fixtures, repairing and repainting where necessary – otherwise the impact of the change can be either diluted, or even lost.

Help trading shops. 

Some local traders can often use a little help! We can assist with signage, window displays and general layouts as part of our Shop Front Transformations. A shop front makeover can both improve the look of the high street and increase business potential generally. We work with individual business owners and Councils to give small independent shops the benefit of specialist design and merchandising experience. This helps the smaller retailer compete more effectively with the national chains and builds a bespoke local retail offer as an important part of the overall shopping experience.

We want to help you bring a wealth of interesting and individual shops to your high street creating a unique, robust and quality local offer. We believe this is essential for many of our high streets to survive in the future. Customers will shop locally – but only if the offers provide the quality and service they expect.

Help new businesses.

Whether testing the market with a “Pop-up shop” or taking the plunge with a new venture – we can help. Our design and property consultancy will ensure that new businesses are built on solid foundations. This starts with important basics such as fair and flexible lease agreements, branding and design.

Help cover eyesores.

Building sites and derelict buildings can be long term eyesores which can have a massive detrimental impact on any town. Our reusable “3D effect” bespoke hoardings are designed to look authentic in each and every location.

These treatments screen eyesores, add interest and help improve the overall vibrancy of an area – until a permanent solution is found. Once the site is developed or sold they can easily be moved to another location within the vicinity.