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Consultancy Overview

There appears to be a general acceptance that our traditional retail centres do need to change in order to survive in the future.

Whilst there is often support available for new and existing businesses, there is frequently little or no co-ordination or interaction between the bodies offering the support. In addition there are often gaps in a number of key areas that are not covered and leave businesses vulnerable. We aim to co-ordinate many of the services available so that these are more effective and also fill some of the gaps that cause local traders real problems.

This additional support can be provided in many instances by using staff currently in place so it is a cost effective option that delivers massive benefits.

Many town centres are failing because often the local shop offer is simply not good enough in several areas, to include design, merchandising, product and customer service. Moreover, many are not open at the right times when the majority of the population are shopping on a regular basis.

From our considerable experience we find that when existing retailers struggle it is often because of a lack of training, support or assistance.

They can tend to focus on issues over which they have little or no control.

These can include;

  • the internet
  • supermarkets
  • out of town
  • the local authority
  • parking
  • a myriad of other things

They fail to see the great opportunities to improve their own offer and tend to focus on negatives. In addition the same basic problems are faced by those setting up new businesses. Turning this round is important.

Our aim…

In order to implement real change on the high street we have developed a range of consultancy to deal with some of the underlying problems and reverse the downward spiral.

Our aim is to provide a strong, robust core of quality local shops that will not churn and that will encourage others to consider the retail sector as a great career opportunity.

Our consultancy falls into two parts, namely key strategic issues and mentoring/assistance to those actually operating retail businesses in the area.

We provide design and consultancy, normally only available to larger retailers, on a local basis to deliver a much better, unique, locally based shopping offer.

Our research clearly shows that people will shop locally but only if the retail offer is stronger and wider.

The current system is generally not delivering the type of retail offer that people expect.

With new policies and by creating the right environment this can happen.