Still Too Many Empty Shops…
Still Too Many Empty Shops…
Still too many empty shops…
Shopjacket Treatment And Consultancy
Shopjacket treatment and consultancy
Leads To Real Independant Businesses On The High Street.
Leads to real independant businesses on the high street.

Vacancy rates in many towns are still too high!

Boarded up and derelict empty shops do not create a positive environment to promote growth and investment. Whilst every town is different, there are certain wider underlying themes and issues. From our wide experience across the UK these are present in some degree in most situations.

Shopjacket, with our treatments sitting alongside our wider strategic consultancy, help reduce vacancy rates and reverse the downward spiral.

A Shop Front Improvement scheme generally underpins the wider strategic consultancy – and need not be expensive. We have worked with Councils to provide cost effective solutions to help independent shops on the high street significantly improve their offer. These can be fully funded or part funded by councils depending on budget available.

Contact us to discuss your high street and we can prepare a bespoke package to help strengthen the retail offer suited to your own individual needs for your town.