3D Hoardings
3D Hoardings
Cover a problematic site with a 3D effect hoarding
The Design Can Incorporate Materials And Styles Which Are Sympathetic To Your Town
The design can incorporate materials and styles which are sympathetic to your town
Invest In A Hoarding Which Can Be Reused In Different Locations As Required
Invest in a hoarding which can be reused in different locations as required
3D Hoardings
Keep your town looking vibrant and attractive
3D Hoardings UK
Cover eyesores like this!

Need an inventive hoarding solution that you can re-use?

We offer bespoke hoarding design which incorporates materials and styles which are local to your area.

This site in Armagh City was in need of a hoarding which was sympathetic to the local area. There are trading shops oppostite, and the area is a pedestrian route to the nearby town centre.

Ideally the site would be developed into residential usage, however since this may not happen in the forseeable future, we gave a graphic illusion of terraced housing on the hoarding.