New Render Added To Our Library

New render added to our library

A vibrant looking juice bar is the most recent addition to our Shopjacket library. The citrus colours will help attract attention to an empty retail unit, increasing enquiries and helping let the unit faster. This design is perfect for showing the potential of a smaller shop.

Highlighting Support For Real Businesses…

Highlighting support for real businesses...

Two empty shops in Chester-le-Street town centre were given a temporary makeover to show their potential and highlight support available for new and existing businesses on the high street. In conjunction with Shopjacket, the local Area Action Partnership and the CDC Enterprise Agency have helped five businesses on the high street to date.

Shopjacket Helps Prepare For Royal Visit To Elgin

Shopjacket helps prepare for Royal visit to Elgin

Shopjacket designed and printed heritage windows for Grant Lodge, Elgin, County Moray. The Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere project was opened by HRH Princess Royal on 7th March 2017, to raise the profile of the history of the town. Shopjacket designed and fitted windows to the empty lodge, incorporating hidden objects relevant to the local history within the designs. The windows were…

Strong Marketing Message For Wrexham

Strong Marketing Message for Wrexham

This eye-catching Shopjacket draws attention to the marketing message "Don't take retail space in Wrexham without calling us first!". By increasing enquiries this unit should soon be snapped up!

Another Great Shopjacket Transformation…

Another great Shopjacket transformation...

Shopjacket is working with Chester-le-Street Area Action Partnership and local shop keepers to improve the look of shops on the high street. The initiative benefits both shop keepers and the town as a whole by improving businesses as well as the offer for consumers.