40% of empty properties are let within 3 months of fitting a Shopjacket treatment
The shop type images in our library are exceptionally high quality
Promotional Shopjackets. Advertise forthcoming events in your town. Replaceable vinyls allow the information to be updated
Sales Shopjackets. Want a free sponsored Shopjacket in your Shopping Centre? Ask us for more information.

Shopjackets are “a fake front to a shop that is designed to give the impression that a vacant unit is a functioning shop” (Cambridge Dictionary – potential new word 2012)

We take your problem property and design, supply and fit printed vinyls or panels to it in order to create a 3D illusion of a shop.

Each Shopjacket is carefully considered and designed to take into account not only the building type, aspect and shop front, but also the surrounding area and other uses.

They serve several purposes including..

  • to inspire potential new businesses
  • to improve the look of the shop or an area
  • to draw attention to details about any support packages or incentives for new businesses which may be available via Local Authorities
  • an alternative way of marketing empty properties
  • to raise the profile of the issues surrounding the decline of the high street and to look at strategies to strengthen the retail offer